Ready To Store A Boat? Don't Forget To Consider These Details

When it comes time to store a boat, finding the right storage facility is just as important as having the boat winterized as needed. You want to look at multiple options to find a location where you know the boat will be safe, and where your investment is protected. 

Prices vary with accommodations. Some storage facilities may offer open areas for you to store a winterized boat, but others enclosed options and even units that are temperature controlled. Here are some of the things to consider before dropping your boat off for the winter.

Lease Terms

Go through the lease carefully for each facility. You want to be sure you are clear on things like the following:

  • Due dates for payments
  • Acceptable forms of payment
  • Item restrictions
  • Length of lease
  • Unit accessibility

If there will be late fees or processing fees, you should see these detailed in the lease. You also want to know if there are any unusual guidelines, or if the unit will be inaccessible at certain times.

Security Measures

Find out how protected your boat will be. The storage facility should have security measures, such as a gated entrance or closed gate that only leasers can access after business hours, a surveillance system, and multiple locking options for your unit. You want to know that people can't easily access the property 24 hours a day and that someone can't break into the storage unit with a pair of bolt cutters.

Insurance Policy

The storage facility may have a maximum value limit in the lease agreement. This means that they either won't allow items that exceed that total stored in their facility or that they won't cover damages for anything more than that set amount. You should have storage insurance on your boat to make sure that you get the proper coverage if there was a fire or natural disaster that affects that facility.

There are a lot of storage options when you have a boat, and if you want your boat to be in the same condition in the spring as it was when you put it in storage, you need to find a storage facility that you can trust. Compare the costs and the different lease options to find out what units are the most affordable, who has the best security for protection, and where it will be easiest for you to store your boat for the cold winter months.

Contact a local boat storage service to learn more.