3 Tips To Keep Pests Out Of Your Storage Unit

It is quite common for self-storage facilities to prohibit the use of pest control chemicals in individual units in order to avoid any dangerous interactions with the chemicals used by the pest control services they employ. However, this does not mean that you cannot take action to help keep pests out of your storage unit. In fact, there are several steps that you can take to help prevent your stored items from becoming home to unwanted pests. The three tips you will find below can help you to accomplish this goal of keeping your storage unit pest free.

Tip #1: Use Essential Oils To Deter Pests 

The powerful smell of essential oils such as peppermint and lavender oil can be overwhelming for many pests. Consequently, these all-natural oils can be a very effective deterrent. In order to take advantage of the pest-repelling benefits of these oils, simply soak some cotton balls in the oil and place them around the outer edge of your storage unit. Just keep in mind that these oils can leave stains behind if you allow them to come into direct contact with upholstered or fabric items so you will want to be careful where you place your oil-soaked cotton balls. 

Tip #2: Replace Your Cardboard Boxes With Plastic Storage Bins

Cardboard boxes are easily infiltrated by pests such as cockroaches and mice. These boxes also provide a perfect environment for these pests to build their nests and hide from other pest control efforts. If you really want to keep pests out of your storage unit, you will want to place your items in plastic storage bins rather than in cardboard boxes. As an added bonus, you will find that these storage bins help to keep moisture out which could also damage your belongings. 

Tip #3: Make Sure That There Are No Traces Of Food Inside Your Storage Unit

While it may seem like common sense to keep food out of your storage unit if you wish to avoid pest infestations, many people actually overlook potential food sources when placing items into storage. For instance, food crumbs can easily be trapped inside a couch or under a chair cushion. These small morsels of food can be enough to sustain some pests for as long as several months. That is why it is important that you take the time to thoroughly clean all of your items and ensure there are no traces of food remaining before these items are placed into storage.