Items That Need Climate Control When They Are Stored

If you are going to be putting some of your belongings into storage for an extended time period, you want to protect them so they do not become damaged when they are not within your reach. Renting a storage unit that offers climate control capabilities is important for some belongings. Here are items that require special protection with the ability for you to monitor the climate inside of your rented space. 

Paper And Cardboard

If you place paper items into storage, and there is no way to control the temperature of the area where they are being held, they are at risk of damage in the form of mold or mildew. Paper is delicate and can easily become ruined if excessive humidity touches it. It is best to place any paper items you need to store inside of a plastic storage container with a secure lid. When the temperature rises outdoors, or if precipitation is expected to raise the humidity level in your area, use the power of a climate-controlled space to keep these items completely cool and moisture-free.

Metal Or Wood

Items made of metal or wood can become destroyed if humidity is an issue in the location where they are stored. Minimal moisture can cause metal belongings to rust and wood items to rot. If you have furniture, tools, picture frames, or other items with metal or wood components, they need to be covered with plastic sheeting before they are stored. This will aid in keeping moisture away from them. Be sure to wipe down each item before it is stored, as even one drop of water upon an item can lead to damage. With a climate-controlled storage unit, however, you can place your belongings inside your allotted space without worry.

Food Items In Any Packaging

It is not wise to store food in a storage unit unless it is completely sealed and stored in a bin where it is unable to be accessed by pests. If you do need to store food for any reason, make sure the space you secure the food inside has climate-controlled capabilities. A warm and humid atmosphere will cause many food products to spoil. Place food inside food-grade buckets and be sure to check that the lids are completely closed so no air is able to get inside. A storage unit with a climate-controlled temperature will help to keep your food products free of moisture buildup.

Reach out to climate-controlled storage facilities near you to learn more.