How To Choose Between Indoor And Outdoor Secure Self-Storage Units

Selecting a secure self-storage facility that best suits your needs can prove challenging. Often, you need to choose between an indoor and outdoor secure storage unit. You'll find an indoor self-storage unit located within a multilevel premise. In contrast, you'll find outdoor secure self-storage facilities enclosed within an individual space with locks and driveways to the unit. Here are considerations to guide your choice.

Climate Control

Indoor secure self-storage units allow better climate control. An indoor space works better if you want to store materials and equipment that you should protect from weather elements. Such items include:

  • Clothes and costumes used in theater companies

  • Vehicles

  • Valuables or antiques that need to remain in their original form

  • Furniture


How much space you need for your items is a major determinant of the storage unit's choice. Outdoor secure self-storage units often have bigger space than indoor units. If you have a huge volume of goods, an outdoor space is better. However, some indoor facilities offer enough space to store large items like vehicles requiring climate-controlled storage units.


You will find convenience in driving directly to your secure self-storage unit to load or unload heavy goods. With outdoor self-storage units, you don't have to maneuver a gate, doors, or stairs to reach your unit. You only drive through the gate and then direct to your unit's entrance. On the flip side, indoor units are usually multilevel premises. You can't drive straight to your unit.


Whereas all excellent facilities offer security to your goods, indoor secure self-storage units offer less visibility of your goods to the outside world. Also, indoor units have gates and access control to individual hallways. Visibility is limited to members on the same floor as yours. Another customer or passers-by could observe your items in an outdoor unit as you load or unload.

Short or Long-Term Storage

If you plan to keep your items for less than three months, it may not matter whether you choose indoor or outdoor storage. The determinants could be as few as your budget and the size of the storage units. However, for long-term storage, consider the value level of your items before and after storage. Your items shouldn't deteriorate in value while in the correct storage conditions.


Your preference and storage need often determine the viable option for your secure self-storage choice. Therefore, don't focus on one factor only. Instead, note down all the factors and weigh your options to settle on what fits you. Alternatively, you could contact an expert storage service provider such as North Star Mini Storage for appropriate guidance.