Tip For Storing Clothing In A Self-Storage Unit

A self-storage unit can come in handy in a wide variety of situations, such as during a cross-country move or when you're between houses. You can also make use of them when you want to store seasonal clothing items or heirloom pieces that have sentimental value, such as wedding dresses and your grandmother's gowns. You can also store clothing items that your child has outgrown but you're saving for a younger sibling or future grandchild. 

No matter what type of clothing pieces you're storing, there are some things that you can do to keep the items clean, stain-free and in good condition until you need them again. Spending a little bit of time prepping the clothing prior to placing it all into storage will give you peace of mind.

Here are some tips for storing your clothes:

1. Clean the Pieces

The most important thing you can do before storing clothing is to wash and dry it. Even if you think a piece is clean, check it thoroughly for small, easy-to-remove stains that can become big headaches the longer they sit on the fabric. 

A food or oil-based stain can become impossible to remove after it sets in, so use a stain-removing product to remove it from the material. Bad odors may also be a lot harder to release from the fabric over time, so wash smelly clothing items on the highest temperature water the fabric allows to ensure they're free of offending smells.

After the pieces are clean, make sure they completely dry before packing them up to avoid mold or mildew damage.

2. Fold and Hang the Clothing

Rather than just dropping the pieces into a box, neatly fold them to avoid creating annoying wrinkles and creases. For items that you want to hang, such as gowns and suits, make sure you use the right type of hanger for each piece. Avoid wire hangers, which can create unsightly bumps in the shoulders and damage fine fabrics.

Place heirloom pieces in sturdy garment bags to prevent damage from dust, moths, and other critters.

3. Pack the Items 

Once the clothing pieces are prepped, it's time to pack them in secure containers. Avoid using cardboard boxes for folded items, which won't protect your clothing from moisture and also contain pest-attracting glue. Instead, place those items in heavy-duty plastic storage bins with tight lids, and label them appropriately with labels or a permanent marker.

For more information, about self-storage, look into local facilities near you.