Is Storage Space At A Premium In Your Home?

It's natural that an entire family would collect lots of belongings over the years. Those items can start to take over your entire home if you let them! Consider these ideas for reorganizing, freeing, and expanding your storage space:

Do Some Triage

You could set up a day where everyone in the family will take a look at the items they have contributed to shared storage spaces. They will be the ones to decide whether the items need to go and then reorganize them into the smallest amount of space possible. Do this to share the burden of cleaning and clearing your storage spaces. Anything that's been in the storage space for more than two years should probably go. 

Provide Better Room Organizers

There is probably space in everyone's room that could be better used. The closet can have not only hangers but rows of shoes and items above and below the clothing rack. The area under the bed could hold a slide-out drawer for random knick knacks, sports equipment, and books. Look at some home decor magazines for inspiration on how to minimize the clutter in everyone's room. 

Allot Storage Space

For storage space, you could give everyone in the home a specific area to call their own. Each person would have to make some choices about what they want to keep. 

Look for Other Storage Spaces At Home

Your garage is a prime example of space that could be turned into a storage area. So could your shed, or the space under your deck, depending on what you have to store. Look into the shelving options that work for those spaces, such as roller bins, cubbies, and durable storage bags. They can all be used to compress the items in your storage area into a smaller space. Especially with garages, there are a number of opportunities. You could stack shelves and storage racks as high as the ceiling and cram a lot more junk into this area. 

Look at Self Storage

Consider a self-storage rental unit as a way to temporarily alleviate the mess in your home. You can move most of your stored items to a storage unit and revisit them later. Whether you're trying to sell your home or a guest is staying with you for a long term, or you simply need to be rid of the clutter for a while, you can use self-storage units pretty effectively. 

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