Clear Out The Garage So You Can Actually Park In It

Are you tired of your significant other griping about his or her inability to park in the garage? Do you have an ATV, street bike, dirt bike, tractor, and all kinds of other gadgets and fun stuff stashed in the garage taking up the space needed to actually park a car inside? Well, this might be the year to clear your stuff out of the garage so it can be used for parking. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you make room for your significant other's car in the garage.

Lease a Storage Unit             

The easiest way to clear the stuff that isn't used often out of the garage is to lease a storage unit. Now, there are some restrictions to pay attention to. For example, you cannot store propane canisters in a storage unit. Some facilities may also prohibit storing gas-powered machinery – you'll have to call to inquire prior to signing the lease. After you've found yourself a storage unit, you can begin trailering some of the things out of the garage into the storage unit. If you'll continue using the items as they are stored, then, you don't have to do much more than clean it before you put it in the unit. You don't want to park your muddy ATV in the storage unit, so stop in the carwash on your way back and spray it off. By the time you get to the storage unit, it'll be dry and ready to store.

Consider Where it's Used

When trying to find a place to put something, you have to stop and think about where the item is used most. For example, if you ride your ATV at your buddy's place more often than you do your own, you may be able to park it at your buddy's place, if he's got the room. For the gardening equipment, like tractors, trimmers, shovels and that kind of stuff, think about picking up a garden shed. There are some really nice sheds available in various sizes. If you don't have a lot of free space to put a shed, look into the lean-to sheds. These kind-of attach to the side of the garage to provide you with enough storage space for a tractor and some other things.

Get busy now and by the time winter rolls around, your significant other will be able to pull right into the garage and get into the house without the slushy snow getting to them. Contact a company like Attic Pantry Storage.