Tips To Keep Your Musical Instruments Safe While In Storage

If you have musical instruments that are taking up much of the space in your home, you may need to have these items stored off-site so that you can reduce much of the clutter in the house. However, those that improperly store their musical instruments will be faced with a number of potential hazards and problems that could compromise their instruments. In order to keep your musical instruments safe during their times in storage, you will want to review some key information about this routine task.

Be Aware Of The Ways Temperature And Humidity Can Harm Musical Instruments

Extremes of temperature or humidity will often be among the leading causes of damage occurring to stored musical instruments. Unfortunately, these damages can be permanent, and they can ruin your ability to play the instrument. For wood instruments, the humidity and temperature extremes can cause the wood to swell warp and rot. While metal instruments may not be at risk for these particular issues, high humidity can lead to the metal corroding, which can ruin the quality of sound that the instrument produces.

Protect The Musical Instruments Against Dust And Dirt

Large accumulations of dirt ad dust on the musical instrument can compromise it in a few different ways. One of the more obvious will be the dust and dirt scuffing the surface of the instrument. Additionally, these substances can pull the natural oils out of wood instruments, which can contribute to them becoming brittle. These accumulations can also lead to the sound of the instrument being compromised as the dust can get deep in the instrument where it can interfere with the acoustics of the device. Preventing this type of damage will require you to always store these instruments in protective cases. If you do not have a protective case for the instrument, a cloth sheet can be an effective alternative until you get a case for it.

Ensure You Choose A Provider That Treats Their Units For Insects And Other Pests

Another potential hazard that your musical instruments will face while being stored is from insects and rodents. These pests can chew on the wood of the instrument or build nests inside the instrument. An excellent way of mitigating this potential risk is to only choose a storage facility that regularly treats the unit for insects and other pests. Fortunately, most of these providers will be able to give you a schedule of the pest treatments for the facility so that you can review where they will be sufficient for your needs.

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